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2,000+ students

2,800+ course hours per year

Dragon Kids School

Spark your children’s curiosity with Dragon Kids School! Our educational, playful and international extracurricular activities are designed to inspire, learn and have fun.

Dragon Kids School is a state-approved structure, which means we can offer you tax benefits and allow you to deduct 50% of your childcare costs from your taxes.

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It’s a very serious educational center! My 8-year-old son loves going there every Wednesday! He learns Chinese while having fun. The program is well thought out. The teachers are friendly and patient! My son is already starting to write Chinese characters!
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Mme MEGOZ Emilie’s mother
The teachers and activity leaders are great! My son is having fun while learning Chinese!
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Vivianne Hugo’s mom
My son loves the Lego class. He’s told me that he’s already built lots of things: the walking ant, the automatic door, the electric car… And he’s also explaining the mechanical system to me! Well, he’s more patient than I am!
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Marion Paul’s mom
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Juan Maman de ZOÉ
My son started the English Wednesday club from last year. The teachers are very nice, they take care of each kids and they send us a lot of great photos and videos after every Wednesday club. I’m really glad to see my son having fun at this school and we will continue the activities with dragon kids school!
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John John

Educational, Leisure and International Activities

At Dragon Kids School, we offer a variety of fun and educational activities that will expand your children’s horizons. What’s more, our international approach allows children to discover and appreciate different cultures, enriching their educational experience.

Multi-skilled teachers

Our teachers at Dragon Kids School are experts in children’s animation (BAFA) and have professional skills in languages, sports, science, art and music. This enables us to offer activities that are both educational and fun, for an enriching learning experience.

Personalized follow-up for each child

We believe in the importance of personalized follow-up. After each class, we pay particular attention to each child’s development and progress. Our dedicated team ensures that every student receives the attention they need to thrive and succeed in their learning.

Child-friendly environment

We attach great importance to the environment in which our students evolve. All our rooms and equipment are specially adapted for children. Our rooms are equipped with heating and air-conditioning systems to ensure optimum comfort all year round.

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